My life could be cheaper if I only knew how to make shoes.

10.05.2011, 9:41 AM
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to my loyal readers,  i am both sad and happy to say that i have decided to retire

BUT, don’t fret…a new “prahjek” have been in the works…i am working on branding. yup, a clothing brand (with a spanking new and official name of course)! the brand will tie all the things that are important to me (…which i can’t really say in public just yet. if you’re a love-one of mine, you know exactly what those are) so, keep a look out for updates on FB and Twitter.

with that said, ALOHA and SALAMAT…for now.

don’t forget to Live.Laugh.Love…your life!

postscript:  this website will still be up so, feel free to browse anytime.


it’s been a while
01.05.2011, 11:46 AM
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it’s been a while i know but, ever since turning twenty-ahem…i felt like i got my second wind. trying to be the best human-being i can, staying active, and just living and loving life. i’ve been on my ass for too long in the past, i will NOT sit and watch life go by any longer. no one should really. LIVE and DANCE people!

to start of twenty-eleven, here’s a brand new prahjek (for the new readers, it means DIY) made by yours truly

inspiration: Open Front Mesh Sweatshirt by Corpus

and for those that don’t know me. here’s a song that pretty much sums up who i am.

“i’m just a simple man…i like funny things…i like beans and rice” :)

heart him
01.04.2011, 10:36 AM
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it’s been a while. i’ll be posting up a new prahjek i worked on this weekend so, come back tomorrow.

for now…here’s an interview with one of my favorite designers.

i heart him

10.21.2010, 2:45 PM
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First and foremost, I’d like to apologize for the lack of entries. But…thank you for continuing to visit and reading my past posts. That’s right I see all the hits and 30+ hits per day is not bad at all :) *I could use some feedback though*

The reason for my absence from blogging is that I’ve been living, staying in the present, putting my feet to work, and trying to be a good human (I have been hiking, biking, walking, running, dancing, partying, drinking; donating, supporting, and serving to do some good).

This past Sunday (10.17.10) I donated and walked the Aids Walk. It was my first and the experience was perfect. Yes, it was drizzling but that didn’t stop people from walking. They had music playing in almost every rest stop and the good vibe from the massive crowd just made me want to dance. It would have been the dopest party if it poured though. Imagine 30 thousand people dancing in the rain? Syck.

While walking…I saw this girl in a Pink Dress with this long train that was carried by some guy.  I immediately thought “Why the hell is she in a dress in this rain? And that poor guy.” I got a closer look at the dress and was totally surprised; the whole dress was made out of Pink Condoms (except for the lining). Yup. Condoms.

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10.21.2010, 2:44 PM
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Man, have I fallen back into dancing…HARD. I’ve been taking dance classes almost every week (two 1 hour classes) and hitting the clubs like no other. As messy as I am on the dance floor when drunk, I must say…I still got it. Yup, HONK HOOOONK (I don’t toot. I honk). I might not be out there trying to be the next dance star and I might not be up to date with the latest dances but, nothing will ever stop me from grooving. I’ll even dance with your mom if she’s fun.

As far as dance classes go, I usually take my homies’ at IDA Hollywood on Thursday Nights. Come dance, support, and live for once.

From L to >

Aubrey (6-7pm), Isaac (7-8pm), Anika (8-9pm), Ricky (9-10pm); Beto “NiCo” (Wed 6-7pm)

So music, a lot of people say that they LOVE all types of music. I on the other hand could only appreciate some of them (R&B, Hip Hop, Christian R&B, Reggae, House, Broadway, some Electro, Smooth Jazz, etc; Dubstep and Techno make me anxious). Now, in order for me to LOVE a certain song…the song has to move me. That would be another post…cuz this could get wordy.

I’ve been going to a lot of “House” parties lately and I realized that I’ve really missed it. House is the type of music that you can just…dance. I remember when I used to go clubbing in Seattle and we would hit this club that plays Deep House…and man I would just go off in my own corner. Loved it.

Speaking of House music, check out Tony Nuccio’s and Deepswing’s new release “Glory”. I had the pleasure of listening to one of Tony’s rough cut and it was great then but, it’s even sycker now. Every track is dope but my favorite is the Lovely Mix. Read about the release at Feel The Glory or visit Tony’s website.

Bob your head like everyone is watching.

Check out the tank I made Tony (you can’t really see details on the pic but, it had some cool patch work on the front). Yup, it’s made by yours truly and I def have more Prahjeks in store…stay with me.

09.09.2010, 1:23 PM
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07.29.2010, 2:31 PM
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How long has it been?  Too long.  I’ve been a busy messy bee livin it up after my bday…but I’m taking a break, catch up with some prahjeks, and work on losing this water weight before the next SummerTramp (fun times btw but, definitely not going into the pool next time). Alchohol…does your body no good and makes you a mess…well binge drinking does :)

Onto this post, check out Gaybydedios and Jessica Currie rocking the SS 10 MOTO VEST, giving you the night time look.  Thanks for the pics guys!

AND for a treat.  A Messy Style Collabo by yourstrulymoi and Badmutha